Understanding how cell phone spyware are able to track locations

This is the first in a series of articles, which explain various methods to understand and track the location of people using a cell phone spy software.

Understand and track the location of people using an iPhone
with IOS devices 4.X store files where you store user location information every time you sync an iPhone or iPad. These files do not drink from the GPS information of the machine, but data on the phone towers to be connecting to it over time.

Location information & data statistics are based on the triangulation of cell phone towers, information that was previously exclusive to mobile network operators only and is  accessible now through legal mechanisms.

Access to this information provides daily routines, work location, home ... with the dangers that access to such information by third parties may have.

The information is stored in a file that has no protection, which can be easily accessed and read through various channels such as the cell phone spyware apps.

cell phone spyware is an application developed by the same researchers who found that our iPhone records your movements and then fed into the computer to a hidden file without encryption.

Cell Phone Spy is a hybrid software phone / service that lets you control the target phone that has the software installed in real time. This unique system records the activities of any person using the Target phone